Babble and Prune

How do ba­bies learn lan­guage? How did Moses com­pute the ten Com­mand­ments? How did Shake­speare write Ham­let?

Bab­ble and Prune is an an­cient mytholog­i­cal story, a psy­cholog­i­cal model, a new re­li­gion for a post-re­li­gion age, that an­swers all these ques­tions and more.

Two Gods—Bab­ble and Prune, Artist and Critic, Gen­er­a­tor and Discrim­i­na­tor—are locked in eter­nal con­flict over your mind. Bab­ble cre­ates a con­stant stream of coarse ma­te­rial, while Prune cuts these ideas harshly with­out the slight­est hint of re­morse. Only you, cho­sen hero, can re­store the bal­ance be­tween these two an­cient deities, and in do­ing so max­i­mize your cre­ative out­put.

It is time to re­claim your birthright, hero: go forth and bab­ble!


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