The Science of Winning at Life

A se­quence sum­ma­riz­ing sci­en­tifi­cally-backed ad­vice for “win­ning” at ev­ery­day life: in one’s pro­duc­tivity, in one’s re­la­tion­ships, in one’s emo­tions, etc. Each post con­cludes with foot­notes and a long list of refer­ences from the aca­demic liter­a­ture.

Scien­tific Self-Help: The State of Our Knowledge

How to Beat Procrastination

My Al­gorithm for Beat­ing Procrastination

How to Be Happy

The Good News of Si­tu­a­tion­ist Psychology

The Power of Reinforcement

Ra­tional Ro­man­tic Re­la­tion­ships, Part 1: Re­la­tion­ship Styles and At­trac­tion Basics