Quantum Physics

A non-mys­te­ri­ous in­tro­duc­tion to quan­tum me­chan­ics, in­tended to be ac­cessible to any­one who can grok alge­bra and com­plex num­bers. Clean­ing up the old con­fu­sion about QM is used to in­tro­duce ba­sic is­sues in ra­tio­nal­ity (such as the tech­ni­cal ver­sion of Oc­cams Ra­zor), episte­mol­ogy, re­duc­tion­ism, nat­u­ral­ism, and philos­o­phy of sci­ence. Not dis­pens­able read­ing, even though the ex­act rea­sons for the di­gres­sion are hard to ex­plain in ad­vance of read­ing.

Se­quence by Eliezer Yud­kowsky, im­ported from the wiki. Over­laps with Quan­tum Physics and Many Wor­lds and Science and Ra­tion­al­ity.

Quan­tum Explanations

Con­figu­ra­tions and Amplitude

Joint Configurations

Distinct Configurations

Where Philos­o­phy Meets Science

Can You Prove Two Par­ti­cles Are Iden­ti­cal?

Clas­si­cal Con­figu­ra­tion Spaces

The Quan­tum Arena

Feyn­man Paths

No In­di­vi­d­ual Particles

Iden­tity Isn’t In Spe­cific Atoms


The So-Called Heisen­berg Uncer­tainty Principle

Which Ba­sis Is More Fun­da­men­tal?

Where Physics Meets Experience

Where Ex­pe­rience Con­fuses Physicists

On Be­ing Decoherent

The Con­scious Sorites Paradox

De­co­her­ence is Pointless

De­co­her­ent Essences

The Born Probabilities

De­co­her­ence as Projection

En­tan­gled Photons

Bell’s The­o­rem: No EPR “Real­ity”

Spooky Ac­tion at a Dis­tance: The No-Com­mu­ni­ca­tion Theorem

De­co­her­ence is Simple

De­co­her­ence is Falsifi­able and Testable

Quan­tum Non-Realism

Col­lapse Postulates

If Many-Wor­lds Had Come First

Many Wor­lds, One Best Guess

Liv­ing in Many Worlds

Mach’s Prin­ci­ple: Anti-Epiphe­nom­e­nal Physics

Rel­a­tive Con­figu­ra­tion Space

Time­less Physics

Time­less Beauty

Time­less Identity

Thou Art Physics

Time­less Control

The Failures of Eld Science

The Dilemma: Science or Bayes?

Science Doesn’t Trust Your Rationality

When Science Can’t Help

Science Isn’t Strict Enough

Do Scien­tists Already Know This Stuff?

No Safe Defense, Not Even Science

Chang­ing the Defi­ni­tion of Science

Faster Than Science

Ein­stein’s Speed

That Alien Message

My Child­hood Role Model

Ein­stein’s Superpowers

Class Project

Why Quan­tum?