Fun Theory

A concrete theory of transhuman values. How much fun is there in the universe? Will we ever run out of fun? Are we having fun yet? Could we be having more fun? Part of the complexity of value thesis.

Also forms part of the fully general answer to religious theodicy.

Sequence by Eliezer Yudkowsky, imported from the wiki. Overlaps with Value Theory.

The Fun The­ory Sequence

Prole­gom­ena to a The­ory of Fun

High Challenge

Com­plex Novelty

Con­tin­u­ous Improvement

Sen­sual Experience

Liv­ing By Your Own Strength

Free to Optimize

Harm­ful Options

Devil’s Offers

Non­per­son Predicates

Am­pu­ta­tion of Destiny

Non­sen­tient Optimizers

Can’t Un­birth a Child

Dun­bar’s Function

In Praise of Boredom

Sym­pa­thetic Minds

In­ter­per­sonal Entanglement

Failed Utopia #4-2

Grow­ing Up is Hard

Chang­ing Emotions

Emo­tional Involvement

Se­ri­ous Stories

Eu­topia is Scary

Build­ing Weirdtopia

Jus­tified Ex­pec­ta­tion of Pleas­ant Surprises

Se­duced by Imagination

The Uses of Fun (The­ory)

Higher Purpose