The Inside View (Podcast)

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Col­lin Burns on Align­ment Re­search And Dis­cov­er­ing La­tent Knowl­edge Without Supervision

Con­nor Leahy on Dy­ing with Dig­nity, EleutherAI and Conjecture

Katja Grace on Slow­ing Down AI, AI Ex­pert Sur­veys And Es­ti­mat­ing AI Risk

Sha­har Avin On How To Reg­u­late Ad­vanced AI Systems

Blake Richards on Why he is Skep­ti­cal of Ex­is­ten­tial Risk from AI

Vic­to­ria Krakovna on AGI Ruin, The Sharp Left Turn and Paradigms of AI Alignment

Ethan Ca­ballero on Pri­vate Scal­ing Progress

Evan Hub­inger on Ho­mo­gene­ity in Take­off Speeds, Learned Op­ti­miza­tion and Interpretability

Raphaël Millière on Gen­er­al­iza­tion and Scal­ing Maximalism

Alex Lawsen On Fore­cast­ing AI Progress

Robert Long On Why Ar­tifi­cial Sen­tience Might Matter

Phil Tram­mell on Eco­nomic Growth Un­der Trans­for­ma­tive AI