Posts about metaethics from between June and August 2008.

Sequence by Eliezer Yudkowsky, imported from the wiki. Overlaps with Value Theory and Seeing with Fresh Eyes.

Head­ing Toward Morality

No Univer­sally Com­pel­ling Arguments

2-Place and 1-Place Words

What Would You Do Without Mo­ral­ity?

The Mo­ral Void

Created Already In Motion

The Be­drock of Fairness

Mo­ral Complexities

Is Mo­ral­ity Prefer­ence?

Is Mo­ral­ity Given?

Where Re­cur­sive Jus­tifi­ca­tion Hits Bottom

My Kind of Reflection

The Ge­netic Fallacy

Fun­da­men­tal Doubts

Re­bel­ling Within Nature

Prob­a­bil­ity is Sub­jec­tively Objective

Whither Mo­ral Progress?

The Gift We Give To Tomorrow

Could Any­thing Be Right?

Ex­is­ten­tial Angst Factory

Can Coun­ter­fac­tu­als Be True?

Math is Sub­junc­tively Objective

Does Your Mo­ral­ity Care What You Think?

Chang­ing Your Metaethics

Set­ting Up Metaethics

The Mean­ing of Right

In­ter­per­sonal Morality

Mo­ral­ity as Fixed Computation

Insep­a­rably Right; or, Joy in the Merely Good

Sort­ing Peb­bles Into Cor­rect Heaps

Mo­ral Er­ror and Mo­ral Disagreement

Ab­stracted Ideal­ized Dynamics


Is Fair­ness Ar­bi­trary?

The Be­drock of Mo­ral­ity: Ar­bi­trary?

You Prov­ably Can’t Trust Yourself

No Li­cense To Be Human

In­visi­ble Frameworks