The Simple Math of Evolution

The first sequence of The Machine in the Ghost aims to communicate the dissonance and divergence between our hereditary history, our present-day biology, and our ultimate aspirations. This will require digging deeper than is common in introductions to evolution for non-biologists, which often restrict their attention to surface-level features of natural selection.

Minds: An Introduction

The Power of Intelligence

An Alien God

The Won­der of Evolution

Evolu­tions Are Stupid (But Work Any­way)

No Evolu­tions for Cor­po­ra­tions or Nanodevices

Evolv­ing to Extinction

The Tragedy of Group Selectionism

Fake Op­ti­miza­tion Criteria

Adap­ta­tion-Ex­e­cuters, not Fit­ness-Maximizers

Evolu­tion­ary Psychology

An Espe­cially Ele­gant Evpsych Experiment

Su­per­stim­uli and the Col­lapse of Western Civilization

Thou Art Godshatter