Selection Theorems: Modularity

This is a sequence of posts describing our team’s research into modularity: how to measure it, and which factors select for it in a variety of learned systems. The project began as part of the AI Safety Camp 2022 under the mentorship of John Wentworth, and has continued outside of this, with funding from CEA.

The­o­ries of Mo­du­lar­ity in the Biolog­i­cal Literature

Pro­ject In­tro: Selec­tion The­o­rems for Modularity

Ten ex­per­i­ments in mod­u­lar­ity, which we’d like you to run!

What Is The True Name of Mo­du­lar­ity?

Basin broad­ness de­pends on the size and num­ber of or­thog­o­nal features