Cartesian Frames

Cartesian frames are a way to add a first-person perspective (with choices, uncertainty, and so on) on top of a set of possible worlds. This sequence introduces Cartesian frames and basic operations on frames.

In­tro­duc­tion to Carte­sian Frames

Ad­di­tive Oper­a­tions on Carte­sian Frames

Biex­ten­sional Equivalence

Con­trol­lables and Ob­serv­ables, Revisited

Func­tors and Coarse Worlds

Subagents of Carte­sian Frames

Mul­ti­plica­tive Oper­a­tions on Carte­sian Frames

Sub-Sums and Sub-Tensors

Ad­di­tive and Mul­ti­plica­tive Subagents

Com­mit­ting, As­sum­ing, Ex­ter­nal­iz­ing, and Internalizing

Eight Defi­ni­tions of Observability

Time in Carte­sian Frames

Carte­sian Frames and Fac­tored Sets on ArXiv