Claude 3 Opus can operate as a Turing machine

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Posted on Twitter:

  • Opus can operate as a Turing machine.

  • given only existing tapes, it learns the rules and computes new sequences correctly.

  • 100% accurate over 500+ 24-step solutions (more tests running).

  • for 100% at 24 steps, the input tapes weigh 30k tokens*.

  • GPT-4 cannot do this.

Here is the prompt code for the Turing machine: https://​​​​SpellcraftAI/​​turing

This is the fully general counterpoint to the @VictorTaelin’s A::B challenge (he put money where his mouth is and got praise for that from Yudkowsky).

Attention is Turing Complete was a claim already in 2021:

Theorem 6 The class of Transformer networks with positional encodings is Turing complete. Moreover, Turing completeness holds even in the restricted setting in which the only non-constant values in positional embedding pos(n) of n, for n ∈ N, are n, 1/​n, and 1/​n2 , and Transformer networks have a single encoder layer and three decoder layer