Why Are You Here?

Not sure. But I want to stop feel­ing meta.

Who Brought You Here?

This one girl I had a crush on in high school. Stephanie Gomez. And she didn’t nec­es­sar­ily tell me be­cause we don’t re­ally in­ter­act at all. (She just fol­lows me on In­sta­gram.) And yet, I saw how com­plex of a life she leads and felt in­spired to be multi-faceted in my al­ter­nate way.

Where Are You Here?

I’m in an un­com­fortable spot. Whether it be sit­ting at the edge of my mat­tress or be­ing sur­rounded by many users whom I know noth­ing of. But I’m try­ing so stick a golden star on me! I hate ad­mit­tance.

When Are You Here?

Hope­fully, on a daily ba­sis. Likely, on a yearly ba­sis.

What Are You Here?

A pest, per­haps. But at my own web­site, I’m a demi­god.

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