PIBBSS Speaker events comings up in February

TLDR: The PIBBSS Speaker Series is happening in mid-February. Read more about the talks and register on our website. Sign up for future updates about our speaker events here.

PIBBSSregularly invites researchers from a wide range of fields studying intelligent behaviour and exploring their connections to the problem of AI Risk and Safety.

In the past, we had speakers such as Michael Levin talking about Morphogenesis as a form of intelligent problem-solving building towards a framework of Basal Cognition; Josh Bongard about efforts to build hybrid intelligent ‘agents’ at the intersection of biology, cognition and engineering; Miguel Aguilera on Nonequilibrium Neural Computation; Steve Byrnes on Challenges for Safe and Beneficial Brain-Like AI; or Tang Zhi Xuan on Modeling Bayesian Bounded Rational Agents.

We have a couple of speaker events are coming up in February.

  • Konrad Körding on “Interpretability of brains and neural networks”

  • Daniel Polani on “Information and its Flow: a Pathway towards Intelligence”

  • Nathaniel Virgo on “Mathematical Perspectives on Goals and Beliefs in the Physical World: Extending on the ‘Good Regulator Theorem’”

    • Feb 19, 6PM PST,/​20th 2AM UTC, (Register)

  • Tsvi Benson-Tilsen on “Creating the contexts needed to produce the concepts needed to understand minds”

  • Abram Demski on “Meaning & Agency”

If you want to be informed about future events (we typically won’t post about this going forward), signup here to our speaker event specific email list.

Snapshots from past talks