OxRat ACX Meetups Everywhere—Spring 2024

This year’s Spring ACX Meetups Everywhere <3

Every year Scott Alexander publicises local rationality-adjacent meetups around the world, on his blog Astral Codex Ten. It’s that time of year again!

This is the same time/​place as our usual Oxford Rationalish meetup, but expect a much larger turnout!

Come meet interesting people, chat interesting chat. Past topics of conversation have included AI alignment, collaborative disagreement, calibrating personal predictions (how to measure and improve your own predictions), decision theory (Newcomb’s paradox, Parfit’s hitchhiker, etc), miscellaneous tech stuff (web3, GPT3, etc), animal husbandry (how to flip a goat, and why), and much much more.

We’ll be in the beer garden round the back, with a sign <3

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