Climate Change & Longtermism—LW/​ACX Meetup #213 (Wednesday, November 30th)

1) We’ll be meeting IRL this week at Nathan’s place indoors.


I received a request to do a week on Climate Change from the rationalist/​EA perspective. Luckily, John Halstead recently released a great report on Climate Change from the longtermist perspective.

”Climate Change & Longtermist” by John Halstead: https://​​​​file/​​d/​​14od25qdb4sdDoXVDMoiSrTwuzYAMSpxK/​​view

If you a low on time, read the Executive Summary at the beginning (~10 pages).
If you have ~3 hours to commit, read Part 1 (~70 pages).
If you got that dog in you, read the whole thing.

Location: 11841 Wagner St., Culver City

1) Things start winding down around 11:30 PM.
2) For parking: use street parking. Do not park in the driveway of the house. Street parking is free and doesn’t require any permits.

6:30PM − 7:00PM—Gathering/​Chatting
7:00PM − 7:20PM—Surprise of the Week
7:20PM − 7:30PM—Announcements
7:30PM − 9:00PM—Topic Discussion
9:00PM − 11:30PM—Hanging Out

Contact: The best way to contact me (or anybody else who is attending the meetup) is through our Discord. Feel free to message Vishal or Nathan directly. Invitation link: https://​​​​TaYjsvN

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