AI Meetup 1/​2: The Fun One

This is the first of two meetups that KWR is hosting jointly with EA Waterloo. We’ll be meeting in room 1506 of the QNC Building in the University of Waterloo campus at 7pm.

Please note: this is half an hour earlier than the usual starting time.

The first 30 minutes will be some unstructured social time for the EA and Rationality folks to get to know each other.

We’ll then begin with a show-and-tell , where we’ll share with each other the ways we’ve used new AI programs such as ChatGPT. What are some cool, productive, or just plain fun things that you’ve gotten AI to do? We’ll limit this to ~5 minutes per person, but you are free to use a much shorter amount of time. I personally will have approximately two sentences of things to contribute. Participating in the show and tell is completely optional!

We’ll then do a guided tour of the current generative AI ecosystem.

We’ll finish off the meetup with time for some general discussion on AI and society—possibly in breakout groups if turnout is big.


What of the National Throat? (Rob Horning, December 2022)

Prompt Engineering Workshop Material (Guild of the Rose, Late 2022)
(There’s no need to actually do the workshop; just read over the page. Feel free to do the workshop exercises if you want to, though. Let us know how it goes!)

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