Dallas August Discussion Group

The theme is creative social game design. We would split into small teams, choose a specific social game format (ideas below) to design, and then regroup and play those games!

Game format ideas:

  • Calibration

    • Draft up a list of statements. The audience then individually records “true” or “false” with a particular confidence level for each statement. You then reveal whether each statement was true or not, and guide everyone to score themselves. Sample game.

  • Universal truth or conspiracy theory

    • Draft up a list of statements that will range from “duh, obviously true” to “are you kidding me?”, with a special emphasis on maximizing “scissor statements” that likely truly divide this group or people in general. In contrast to the “calibration” game, this game’s goal is to maximize discord, not look up on Google/​Wikipedia afterward to validate what’s real or not.

  • Is this a real word

    • A study tested to what extent certain words are gendered in that they are better recognized as a real word by men vs. women. Your job here is to create a list of words that have a mix of obscure but real words, and fake words.

  • Fermi estimates

    • Create a number of fun and unique Fermi problems (and of course prepare the actual “answers”).

  • Superforecasting

    • Draft up statements on future events and have the audience estimate probabilities. Bonus points if everyone’s respective forecasts can be easily saved and validated in the not-too-distant future.

  • Absurd trolley problems

    • Create your own version of the trolley problems, with an emphasis on maximizing truly morally difficult scenarios.

  • Any new idea—whatever you think will be fun and interactive for this group

You or your team will be responsible for the full design of the game. For example, is it played with teams or individuals? What does winning entail? Do all participate or does it exclude you as the host? If it proves to be a hit, we would of course reuse the format for future meetups.

Tentative schedule:

5-530: pizza social; Q&A regarding the game design

530-630: independent design

630-8: group play

As always, please RSVP to help us with logistics (like how much pizza to order!).

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