Joey Savoie from Charity Entrepreneurship and His Principles—OpenPrinciples Speaker Session

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Hi Everyone,

OpenPrinciples would like to invite you to join our 1hour Speaker & Q&A Session with Joey, a respected and principled individual in our EA community, to hear him talk about his journey to find his life principles and help the world more effectively with his principles. The first 30min will be his talk, and the second 30min will be Q&A.

Joey is the Co-founder and Director of Strategy at Charity Entrepreneurship and the creator of Good Enough Answers (, a project that works at finding good enough answers to life’s infinite questions, from “What should my values be?” to “What is the value of an electric toothbrush?”. On the website, he has also open-sourced 37 of his top life principles, inspired by Ray Dalio and his book Principles—the same source of inspiration behind OpenPrinciples.

OpenPrinciples is an Effective-Altruism(EA)-aligned Aligned organization led by current and previous organizers of EA IBM, EA UWaterloo, EA Taft, and EA Kathmandu University, and a community of like-minded people who like to open-source our own principles, build on each others’ principles, and use those principles to make great decisions and make fewer repeated mistakes so we can help the world more effectively.

Examples of OpenPrinciples’ projects include, a crowd-sourced database of open-sourced life principles of our community members, Principled Individual Notion Template, and Ultrabrain Principles AI Assistant that helps people reflect, remind, and act on their life principles.

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