April 9 Williamsburg Meetup—“2nd Sundays Art & Music Festival”


Come join the Virginia Rationalists in Williamsburg, VA at April’s 2nd Sundays Art & Music Festival(no, you don’t have to apply /​ register, that’s only for vendors); 2023/​04/​09 starting at 11:00 (the festival ends at 17:00, though the meetup official end time is TBD, leaning towards 14:00; there may very well be an unofficial after-meetup hangout to get food or something. I would very much enjoy walking around the area afterwards too).

I went to the festival this month (it was last Sunday at time of posting) and it was fun, plus downtown Williamsburg is gorgeous with excellent walkability. Picture a leafy, well-tended to university town (William & Mary is across the street from the festival) that is quite old by American standards and steeped in history; combine that with an open air market + arts & music and that should give you a sense of the vibe or aesthetics.

Due to 2023/​04/​09 being Easter Sunday and not having run a meetup in Williamsburg before, please RSVP if you intend to come. I’ll adjust venue and activity choices based on number of people and what folks are interested in.

Draft Schedule:

  • 11:00 Meet at a pre-determined outdoor spot (bring a raincoat & umbrella if the weather looks bad; but also, there’s plenty of shops or cafes to step into if needbe) with seating that is adjacent to the festival and commence the meetup!

  • 13:00 Walk around the festival, check out the arts & music, check out the marketplace vendors, etc.

  • 13:45 Meet back up at a pre-determined spot.

  • 14:00 Tentative official end of the meetup

  • After 14:00: If I haven’t eaten already I’ll probably want to get food at this time and otherwise/​then go for a walk around the town & university campus, company welcome.

Contact me here on LessWrong or on the Virginia Rationalists Discord, happy to discuss this meetup and figure out final plans!


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