OC ACXLW Instrumental Lying in AI. Geography made the US OP.

OC ACXLW Instrumental Lying in AI. Geography made the US OP.

Hello Folks!

We are excited to announce the 49th Orange County ACX/​LW meetup, happening this Saturday and most Saturdays thereafter.

Host: Michael Michalchik

Email: michaelmichalchik@gmail.com (For questions or requests)

Location: 1970 Port Laurent Place

(949) 375-2045

Date: Saturday, Nov 18, 2023

Time: 2 PM

Conversation Starters :

Technical Report: Large Language Models can Strategically Deceive their Users when Put Under Pressure

Text: https://​​drive.google.com/​​file/​​d/​​1QpYWdcLAMqxmJveY0oZaNLzip8C41E1t/​​view?usp=sharing

ChatGPT Summary:


How Geography Made The US Ridiculously OP


ChatGPT summary plus some additional notes:


Question: Do we underate the importance of geography in such a way that we overate the efficacy of the “american system” or “american people” and incorrectly think it is the best system in the world for productivity?

  • Walk & Talk: We usually have an hour-long walk and talk after the meeting starts. Two mini-malls with hot takeout food are readily accessible nearby. Search for Gelson’s or Pavilions in the zip code 92660.

  • Share a Surprise: Tell the group about something unexpected that changed your perspective on the universe.

  • Future Direction Ideas: Contribute ideas for the group’s future direction, including topics, meeting types, activities, etc.

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