Karlsruhe Rationality Meetup #82

We aim to connect Rationalists from Karlsruhe (Germany) and surrounding areas. We are always happy to get to know new people and new perspectives(!). Please feel free to drop by even if you feel awkward about it, or are not ‘the typical LessWrong /​ SSC reader’.

Let’s meet outside again and continue to read and discuss this curated collection (The Codex) of posts by Scott Alexander. This time, we read and discuss the entire section on Probability and Predictions. These are more articles than we previously read, so we’ll have to focus more strongly on the highlights.


  • 18:45 − 19:15: soft beginning, socializing

  • Introductions (in case of new attendees), Updates (what surprises did you encounter recently /​ what are your biggest updates? /​ what did you personally learn?)

  • ~19:30: Discussion about blog posts

  • open end

We will probably grab some food or go for dinner somewhere.

We meet at 19:00 in the Schlossgarten close to the Schloss (just north of the western wing, 49.013919, 8.404243, https://​​goo.gl/​​maps/​​pjLuSYzQbSyvNd7u9) around 19:00 (see above).
If it rains too heavily we will meet under some nearby roof (location will hopefully be updated soon enough, otherwise see Signal group or ask me in a DM /​ comment).