Skillshare: Meditation

Meet inside The Shops at Waterloo Town Square—we will congregate in the seating area next to the Valu-Mart with the trees sticking out in the middle of the benches at 7 pm for 15 minutes, and then head over to one of the member’s nearby apartment’s amenity room.


We had a group discussion on interesting meditation experiences on the retreat as well as a group meditation session. To build on that we are going to do another meditation session this week. Here’s a rough plan: We will start with a introduction and a discussion then do some setup and prep. It will be followed by meditation and we will do another discussion to end. The name of the technique we are going to do is called “Sudershan Kriya”. In Sanskrit it means “proper vision by purifying action”. It is an advanced form of rhythmic, cyclical breathing with slow, medium, and fast cycles or rhythmic hyper ventilations. It is taught by an organization called Art of Living and usually this technique is conducted/​taught by an official AOL instructor.



  • Warm socks (you won’t be wearing shoes during it)

  • Water (if you are not comfortable with tap water)

  • Hand towel /​ tissues (you might sneeze a lot)

  • Yoga mat /​ blanket (big enough that you can completely lie down)

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