Houston, Texas, USA – ACX Meetups Everywhere Spring 2023

This year’s ACX Meetup everywhere in Houston, Texas, USA.

Location: 711 Milby St, Houston, TX 77023. Segundo Coffee Lab, inside the IRONWORKS through the big orange door, look for the ACX MEETUP sign at the entrance – https://​​plus.codes/​​76X6PMV6+V6

We have a growing ACX, LW, EA scene in Houston with weekly Social meetups, monthly EA-specific meetups, monthly gaming meetup and monthly Thought-Gym (short form presentations & discussion).. Join our Discord server (https://​​discord.gg/​​DzmEPAscpS) where we will post additional coordination details. You can also tag me in a message or DM me on the server (Joe Brenton#4719).

Contact: joe.brenton at yahoo