Dallas August Book Club

July 2022 reading list: pick 1 (or more)

We will spend 60-90 min discussing each book. To promote high-quality discussions, please come prepared with notes:

  • Tier 1 notes

    • Includes your rating of the book on a 0-10 scale, 3-5 bullets of your most memorable takeaways or reflections, and 1 or 2 discussion questions for the group

    • Shared among the regular book club attendees only

  • Tier 2

    • A longer and more structured version of Tier 1, including a short review; 1-2 pages in all

    • Further shared with the active Dallas meetup group email list (about two dozen people right now)

  • Tier 3

    • A version of Tier 2 that you are willing to publish to our book club Substack for the public to enjoy, so probably more polished than Tier 2 but may not be materially different

You are welcome to pick whichever tier that suits you best, and perhaps opt for different tiers depending on the month or book; but please make sure to come prepared with at least Tier 1 notes, which you can email to the small group before or at the start of the book club. Tier 1 can probably take as little as 15-30 min to prepare, and can cover just part of the book if you won’t be done before the meetup, so we hope it would not prove to be an undue burden and would be a net positive for the group.

Plentiful free parking is available in the rear of the coffee shop. We will meet in the reserved conference room on the first floor. Free soft drinks will be provided (not from the shop).

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