[Question] If Starship works, how much would it cost to create a system of rotable space mirrors that reduces temperatures on earth by 1° C?

There are many pro­posed geo­eng­ineer­ing solu­tions that could re­duce tem­per­a­tures on earth. Un­for­tu­nately, a lot of them have a mix of side effects and lock-in effects where the changes in tem­per­a­ture come years af­ter de­ploy­ment which cre­ates risk of un­in­tended con­se­quences.

If we would have a con­stel­la­tion of space mir­rors that can be ro­tated as we de­sire to let in less or more sun­light, how much would it cost to bring up enough to re­duce tem­per­a­tures on earth by an av­er­age of 1° C? Let’s say that Elon’s promise of be­ing able to lunch a Star­ship that brings up 100,000kg for 1,000,000$ works out, what would it cost to pro­duce and de­ploy those mir­rors?