Follow-up survey: inositol

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Two months ago I wrote about inositol as a treatment that occasionally works for anxiety and depression, especially when the user also has weird digestive issues (not medical advice, I am not a doctor). If that inspired you to try inositol I would love if you would fill out this 5-7 question survey about your experience. This follow-up data helps other people considering inositol, and is broadly helpful to me in figuring out what luck based medicine looks like.

And to the four people who already filled this out: gold star for epistemic virtue.

The survey doesn’t allow for a lot of detail, which I know is painful for some people (it’s me. I’m people). If you would like to share more, feel free to write up as much as you’d like in a comment here, or share a link detailing your experience.

Elsewhere in luck based medicine: it was a dude in my survey, but I met a few more people who really love the Apollo Neuro. They are all the kind of people who already know what “somatically aware” or “embodiment” mean, so this is some support for my theory that that’s a prerequisite. It’s still an open question if you need that background for the Neuro to be beneficial, to notice it’s beneficial, or to stick with it long enough that it has time to be beneficial.

The Apollo app has gotten even worse since last time I wrote. Every time I open it it bugs me to enable notifications, a permission it absolutely does not need.