[Question] What is your electronic drawing set up?

I’m in­ter­ested in draw­ing on a tablet. I’ll put my spe­cific crite­ria be­low, but I’d like this to be as broadly use­ful as pos­si­ble, so I’m go­ing to ask the ques­tions in gen­eral first:

What is your set up for elec­tronic draw­ing? What tools do you use? What apps? What’s your use case, and why are these choices the best for it? What would make you change your mind about your choices?

My spe­cific preferences

That said, my spe­cific goal is a tablet I use for Art (draw­ing and writ­ing) that has no other dis­trac­tions, to fa­cil­i­tate fo­cused work. The use case leads to the fol­low­ing re­stric­tions:

  • I don’t want to be teth­ered to a sec­ond de­vice, so it needs to be a gen­er­al­ist tablet, not just a draw­ing tablet.

  • I don’t know what re­quire­ments I should be putting down for a draw­ing tablet, please tell me. Pen sen­si­tivity seems im­por­tant, but will I no­tice the differ­ence be­tween 8,192 and 4,096 pres­sure lev­els? How much pro­cess­ing power do I need to scrib­ble?

  • I’m in­vested in the an­droid ecosys­tem. Un­for­tu­nately, the only an­droid tablets any­one recom­mends for draw­ing are from Sam­sung, and for com­pli­cated and stupid rea­sons, the writ­ing use case rules out Sam­sung (this is what’s kil­ling me on my cur­rent dis­trac­tion-free writ­ing set up).

  • If there were a re­ally cheap tablet that was for some rea­son amaz­ing at draw­ing but ter­rible for writ­ing, I could prob­a­bly limp by with my cur­rent writ­ing set up.

  • Ideally USB-C charged, will tol­er­ate micro-USB, re­ally would rather not use light­ning or an­other pro­pri­etary con­nec­tor as it’s one more damn ca­ble to carry around.