One single meme that makes you Less Wrong in general

A generally losing strategy to life is looking at a major news outlet and thinking “I definitely trust this. These guys are on my side”.

In reality, there are an extremely wide variety of Pareto solutions that any large corporation can make with people who are not on your side. This includes news corporations; whether or not they are owned by a conglomerate has little to do with it. Money talks.

If someone, somewhere, were to have a vested interest in keeping consumer spending high in order to stave off a recession, they would at least try find a way to persuade millions of people that There Is No Recession. That certainly doesn’t mean that they will succeed. But it also almost certainly means that they will try.

Believing in belief is generally a losing strategy to life; if it’s bad enough on it’s own, then it’s probably even worse to get suckered into believing in belief along with millions of other people. If you have strong feelings in favor of trusting large news corporations for any reason, such as a hatred of blogs and social media (the competitors of large news corporations), then it’s important to bear in mind that reality is allowed to trick you into losing all your money.