Help wanted: Improving COVID-19 contact-tracing by estimating respiratory droplets

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At the end of the day, (1) we need work­ing soft­ware, and (2) we need the peo­ple in charge of con­tact-trac­ing sys­tems to de­cide to use it. Any­thing that helps on ei­ther of those, di­rectly or in­di­rectly, would be great. This in­cludes mak­ing the soft­ware, figur­ing out meth­ods of val­i­dat­ing it, re­solv­ing un­cer­tain­ties (e.g. about bat­tery-life con­se­quences), quan­tify­ing how much benefit this would provide, out­reach /​ PR, and so on.