[Question] Work ethic after 2020?

It seems to me that my work ethic /​ tendency to akrasia /​ etc. has changed a lot since 2020, and many people around me seem to agree that it’s also become harder for them to keep working on things they don’t really enjoy doing.

But I find myself very confused about this topic, so I’d like to get a little more data from other people’s experience: is it true for many people? if so, why exactly would Covid (or, more likely, lockdowns) change our work ethic? what did change — are people ‘lazier’ or ‘more discriminating about which tasks they enjoy or not’ or ‘now often working with less rigid structures and rules’? is the change good or bad — to me, it feels like being much less able to deeply feel like I have a duty to do things really well (bad, probably), but maybe most everyone else feel like they’re more concerned about doing things which actually seem important to them (good)?