[Question] What to do when starting a business in an imminent-AGI world?

As reported by la3lorn and Daniel Kokotajlo, Gato is here and appears to me to represent a sub-human AGI, or near enough as makes no difference in a timeline sense. I think this probably means a general thickening of deep learning applications everywhere, and the introduction of a kind of “stack” AI that can do things we used to need whole organizations to do—as an example, I mean things like do patent research, label patent diagrams, and file patent lawsuits.

I also have an idea about a business I would like to start. This is already a notoriously trying task with low probability of success, and I wonder how much more so it will be in a world that will populate with AGI patent trolls, along with whatever else, well before hitting any kind of clear success mark.

So my question is: what do we do to account for powerful AI, showing up soon, when we are starting a business?

Note that what I am interested in here is non-AI businesses in particular and non-software businesses in general, because this looks like the threshold for it spilling across a bunch of new domains.