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We are now at the point of deep­fake job interviews

Trevor110 Jul 2022 3:37 UTC
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The Ba­sics of AGI Policy (Flowchart)

Trevor126 Jun 2022 2:01 UTC
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Every­thing you need to know about UFOs (in 26 words)

Trevor125 Jun 2022 18:04 UTC
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Does Less­wrong al­low GIFs?

Trevor124 Jun 2022 3:11 UTC
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[Question] Poli­tics is the Mind Killer. But is it get­ting worse?

Trevor122 Jun 2022 19:47 UTC
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One sin­gle meme that makes you Less Wrong in general

Trevor121 Jun 2022 20:29 UTC
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Spe­cific prob­lems with spe­cific an­i­mal com­par­i­sons for AI policy

Trevor119 Jun 2022 1:27 UTC
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Right now, you’re sit­ting on a REDONKULOUS op­por­tu­nity to help solve AGI (and rake in $$$)

Trevor126 May 2022 21:55 UTC
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Hard ev­i­dence that mild COVID cases fre­quently re­duce intelligence

Trevor17 May 2022 5:55 UTC
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We should stop be­ing so con­fi­dent that AI co­or­di­na­tion is unlikely

Trevor111 Apr 2022 22:27 UTC
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