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Are We Right about How Effec­tive Mock­ery Is?

Ronny27 Aug 2020 10:48 UTC
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Ex­cus­ing a Failure to Adjust

Ronny26 Aug 2020 13:51 UTC
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Em­pa­thetic vs In­trin­sic Oof

Ronny24 Aug 2020 0:12 UTC
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[Question] What do you make of AGI:un­al­igned::space­ships:not enough food?

Ronny22 Feb 2020 14:14 UTC
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Com­ment on Co­her­ence ar­gu­ments do not im­ply goal di­rected behavior

Ronny6 Dec 2019 9:30 UTC
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Test­ing the Effi­cacy of Disagree­ment Re­s­olu­tion Tech­niques (and a Pro­posal for Test­ing Dou­ble Crux)

Ronny21 Oct 2019 22:57 UTC
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Off the Cuff Bran­gus Stuff

Ronny2 Aug 2019 11:40 UTC
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[Question] Is the sum in­di­vi­d­ual in­for­ma­tive­ness of two in­de­pen­dent vari­ables no more than their joint in­for­ma­tive­ness?

Ronny8 Jul 2019 2:51 UTC
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