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Ex­ams-Only Universities

Mati_Roy6 Nov 2022 22:05 UTC
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[Question] Should I de­lay hav­ing chil­dren to take ad­van­tage of poly­genic screen­ing?

Mati_Roy19 Dec 2021 6:39 UTC
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Cry­on­ics Ca­reer Sur­vey (more jobs than you think)

Mati_Roy18 Jun 2023 2:13 UTC
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2 in­no­va­tive life ex­ten­sion ap­proaches us­ing cry­on­ics technology

Mati_Roy2 Apr 2021 0:54 UTC
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The Book of HPMOR Fanfics

Mati_Roy3 Jul 2020 13:32 UTC
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Sur­viv­ing Petrov Day

Mati_Roy26 Sep 2020 16:40 UTC
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[Question] What are some ar­ti­cles that up­dated your be­liefs a lot on an im­por­tant topic?

Mati_Roy11 Mar 2020 22:34 UTC
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Who are the Ex­perts on Cry­on­ics?

Mati_Roy27 May 2023 19:24 UTC
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[Link] Pe­ti­tion on brain preser­va­tion: Allow global ac­cess to high-qual­ity brain preser­va­tion as an op­tion rapidly af­ter death

Mati_Roy26 Feb 2023 15:56 UTC
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Find a study partner

Mati_Roy24 Jan 2014 2:27 UTC
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[Question] Is there any plau­si­ble mechanisms for why tak­ing an mRNA vac­cine might be un­de­sir­able for a young healthy adult?

Mati_Roy8 Apr 2021 1:18 UTC
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[Question] Re­views of TV show NeXt (about AI safety)

Mati_Roy11 Oct 2020 4:31 UTC
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Rishi to out­line his vi­sion for Bri­tain to take the world lead in polic­ing AI threats when he meets Joe Biden

Mati_Roy6 Jun 2023 4:47 UTC
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Pre­dic­tions made by Mati Roy in early 2020

Mati_Roy21 Nov 2020 3:24 UTC
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[Question] Which LessWrongers are (as­piring) YouTu­bers?

Mati_Roy23 Oct 2023 13:21 UTC
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The Case for Brain-Only Preservation

Mati_Roy20 Apr 2023 22:01 UTC
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[Question] What ques­tions about the fu­ture would in­fluence peo­ple’s ac­tions to­day if they were in­formed by a pre­dic­tion mar­ket?

Mati_Roy21 Jul 2019 5:26 UTC
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[Question] How much harder is it to re­vive a neuro-only cry­on­ics pa­tient?

Mati_Roy12 Jan 2021 23:24 UTC
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Sur­vey on lifel­og­gers for a re­search project

Mati_Roy26 Mar 2023 0:02 UTC
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[Question] Has a tech­nolog­i­cal de­pen­dency graph been made?

Mati_Roy27 Feb 2020 20:51 UTC
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