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Worried that I might already be a post-rationalist. I’m very interested in minimizing miscommunication, and helping people through the uncanny valley of rationality. Feel free to pm me about either of those things.

How to Ig­nore Your Emo­tions (while also think­ing you’re awe­some at emo­tions)

Hazard31 Jul 2019 13:34 UTC
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The Ac­tion­able Ver­sion of “Keep Your Iden­tity Small”

Hazard6 Dec 2019 1:34 UTC
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How to Ab­sorb a Shared Suc­cess Script (while also think­ing you’re liv­ing with­out one)

Hazard31 Jan 2021 20:17 UTC
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Thoughts on tack­ling blindspots

Hazard27 Sep 2018 1:06 UTC
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Defend­ing points you don’t care about

Hazard19 Jun 2019 20:40 UTC
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Magic is Dead, Give me Attention

Hazard10 Jul 2019 20:15 UTC
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Gödel’s Le­gacy: A game with­out end

Hazard28 Jun 2020 18:50 UTC
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Ex­plore/​Ex­ploit for Conversations

Hazard15 Nov 2018 4:11 UTC
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[Question] Hard to find fac­tors mess­ing up ex­per­i­ments: Ex­am­ples?

Hazard15 Nov 2019 17:46 UTC
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[Question] Books on the zeit­geist of sci­ence dur­ing Lord Kelvin’s time.

Hazard9 Dec 2019 0:17 UTC
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Re­quest for “Tests” for the MIRI Re­search Guide

Hazard13 Mar 2018 23:22 UTC
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Pr­ereq: Ques­tion Substitution

Hazard18 Jul 2019 17:35 UTC
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When Ar­gu­ing Defi­ni­tions is Ar­gu­ing Decisions

Hazard25 Jul 2021 16:45 UTC
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Neu­ral Ba­sis for Global Workspace Theory

Hazard22 Jun 2020 4:19 UTC
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Start­ing Meditation

Hazard24 Oct 2018 15:09 UTC
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The “hard” prob­lem of con­scious­ness is the least in­ter­est­ing prob­lem of consciousness

Hazard8 Jun 2020 19:00 UTC
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