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Correlation does imply some sort of causal link.

For guessing its direction, simple models help you think.

Controlled experiments, if they are well beyond the brink

Of .05 significance will make your unknowns shrink.

Replications prove there’s something new under the sun.

Did one cause the other? Did the other cause the one?

Are they both controlled by something already begun?

Or was it their coincidence that caused it to be done?

Us­ing Flash­cards for De­liber­ate Practice

AllAmericanBreakfast12 Apr 2021 19:07 UTC
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Cu­ri­ous In­quiry and Ri­gor­ous Training

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Gold­fish Reading

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Pro­gres­sive High­light­ing: Pick­ing What To Make Into Flashcards

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Mak­ing a Cheer­ful Bid

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Trust sta­tus sigmoidally

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Product orientation

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Wild Reading

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De-con­fus­ing my­self about Pas­cal’s Mug­ging and New­comb’s Problem

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Check OK, bab­ble-read, op­ti­mize (how I read text­books)

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The Com­pre­hen­sion Curve

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[Question] Could first doses first be bet­ter for the vac­cine hes­i­tant?

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Prin­ci­ples of Agile Rationalism

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How Should We Re­spond to Cade Metz?

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Net­work­ing and Ex­pert Con­sult­ing As Ra­tion­al­ity Bottlenecks

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Self-Crit­i­cism Can Be Wrong And Harmful

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Build Your Num­ber Sense

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Define Your Learn­ing Goal: Com­pe­tence Or Broad Knowledge

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The Multi-Tower Study Strategy

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For Bet­ter Com­ment­ing, Avoid PONDS

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