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Half-researcher, half-distiller (see https://​​​​2017/​​research-debt/​​), both in AI Safety. Funded, and also PhD in theoretical computer science (distributed computing).

If you’re interested by some research ideas that you see in my posts, know that I probably have many private docs complete in the process of getting feedback (because for my own work, the AF has proved mostly useless in terms of feedback https://​​​​posts/​​rZEiLh5oXoWPYyxWh/​​adamshimi-s-shortform?commentId=4ZciJDznzGtimvPQQ). I can give you access if you PM me!

The (Unoffi­cial) Less Wrong Com­ment Challenge

adamShimi11 Nov 2020 14:18 UTC
80 points
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Liter­a­ture Re­view on Goal-Directedness

18 Jan 2021 11:15 UTC
58 points
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Re­view of “Fun with +12 OOMs of Com­pute”

28 Mar 2021 14:55 UTC
55 points
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[Linkpost] AlphaFold: a solu­tion to a 50-year-old grand challenge in biology

adamShimi30 Nov 2020 17:33 UTC
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[Question] Sugges­tions of posts on the AF to review

adamShimi16 Feb 2021 12:40 UTC
51 points
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Episte­molog­i­cal Fram­ing for AI Align­ment Research

adamShimi8 Mar 2021 22:05 UTC
50 points
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[Question] Will OpenAI’s work un­in­ten­tion­ally in­crease ex­is­ten­tial risks re­lated to AI?

adamShimi11 Aug 2020 18:16 UTC
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Deal­ing with Cu­ri­os­ity-Stoppers

adamShimi30 Jul 2020 22:05 UTC
47 points
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Post­mortem on my Com­ment Challenge

adamShimi4 Dec 2020 14:15 UTC
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Small Habits Shape Iden­tity: How I be­came some­one who exercises

adamShimi26 Nov 2020 14:55 UTC
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The Case for a Jour­nal of AI Alignment

adamShimi9 Jan 2021 18:13 UTC
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[Weekly Event] Align­ment Re­searcher Coffee Time (in Walled Gar­den)

adamShimi2 May 2021 12:59 UTC
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Tour­ne­sol, YouTube and AI Risk

adamShimi12 Feb 2021 18:56 UTC
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[Question] What are Ex­am­ples of Great Distil­lers?

adamShimi12 Nov 2020 14:09 UTC
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Why You Should Care About Goal-Directedness

adamShimi9 Nov 2020 12:48 UTC
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April 2021 Deep Dive: Trans­form­ers and GPT-3

adamShimi1 May 2021 11:18 UTC
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Univer­sal­ity Unwrapped

adamShimi21 Aug 2020 18:53 UTC
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[Question] What are you look­ing for in a Less Wrong post?

adamShimi1 Aug 2020 18:00 UTC
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The “Backchain­ing to Lo­cal Search” Tech­nique in AI Alignment

adamShimi18 Sep 2020 15:05 UTC
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