Philan­thropy /​ Grant mak­ing (Topic)

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Philanthropy is the act of donating money, to try and bring about some goal in the world. On LessWrong, the topic tends to include an assumption of “you are spending money to optimize for a goal, rather than just signal tribal affiliation.

Disambiguation: Effective Altruism is a social movement focused on how to do the most good, which includes how to optimize philanthropic giving. The Effective Altruism tag tends to focus on the social movement, and the philanthropy tag tags to focus on the specific question of “how to optimize the giving of money”

Dis­cus­sion about AI Safety fund­ing (FB tran­script)

Akash30 Apr 2023 19:05 UTC
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Grant-mak­ing in EA should con­sider peer-re­view­ing grant ap­pli­ca­tions along the pub­lic-sec­tor model

Ben Smith24 Jan 2023 15:01 UTC
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Mis­take Ver­sus Con­flict The­ory of Against Billion­aire Philanthropy

Zvi1 Aug 2019 13:10 UTC
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Dona­tion Dis­cus­sion—al­ter­na­tives to the Against Malaria Foundation

ancientcampus28 Oct 2014 3:00 UTC
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Col­lege Stu­dent Philan­thropy and Fund­ing Mille­nium Villages

Peter Wildeford21 Jun 2013 14:52 UTC
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Op­ti­mal Philan­thropy for Hu­man Beings

lukeprog25 Jul 2011 7:27 UTC
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Money: The Unit of Caring

Eliezer Yudkowsky31 Mar 2009 12:35 UTC
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