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Meta-Humor is the analysis of what makes things funny, and the roles humor plays in sociology and cognition.

For posts that are themselves humor, see humor.

[Question] If you lose enough Good Heart To­kens, will you lose real-world money?

Yitz1 Apr 2022 21:11 UTC
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An out­line of an ironic LessWrong post

Yitz25 Mar 2022 22:51 UTC
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On Humor

Chris Land18 Sep 2021 21:40 UTC
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The Orange Head Joke

Anatoly_Vorobey25 Jan 2011 20:33 UTC
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Hu­mor isn’t norm evasion

KatjaGrace12 Aug 2010 17:21 UTC
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False Laughter

Eliezer Yudkowsky22 Dec 2007 6:03 UTC
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