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Meta-Humor is the analysis of what makes things funny, and the roles humor plays in sociology and cognition.

For posts that are themselves humor, see humor.

False Laughter

Eliezer Yudkowsky22 Dec 2007 6:03 UTC
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The Orange Head Joke

Anatoly_Vorobey25 Jan 2011 20:33 UTC
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Hu­mor isn’t norm evasion

KatjaGrace12 Aug 2010 17:21 UTC
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An out­line of an ironic LessWrong post

Yitz25 Mar 2022 22:51 UTC
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[Question] If you lose enough Good Heart To­kens, will you lose real-world money?

Yitz1 Apr 2022 21:11 UTC
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ChatGPT tells sto­ries about XP-708-DQ, Eliezer, drag­ons, dark sor­cer­esses, and un­al­igned robots be­com­ing aligned

Bill Benzon8 Jan 2023 23:21 UTC
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On Humor

Chris Land18 Sep 2021 21:40 UTC
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