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Towards a com­pre­hen­sive study of po­ten­tial psy­cholog­i­cal causes of the or­di­nary range of vari­a­tion of af­fec­tive gen­der iden­tity in males

tailcalled12 Oct 2022 21:10 UTC
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Book Re­view: Autoheterosexuality

tailcalled12 Jun 2023 20:11 UTC
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Blan­chard’s Danger­ous Idea and the Plight of the Lu­cid Crossdreamer

Zack_M_Davis8 Jul 2023 18:03 UTC
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I think Michael Bailey’s dis­mis­sal of my au­to­g­y­nephilia ques­tions for Scott Alexan­der and Aella makes very lit­tle sense

tailcalled10 Jul 2023 17:39 UTC
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Au­to­g­y­nephilia dis­course is so ab­surdly bad on all sides

tailcalled23 Jul 2023 13:12 UTC
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