[Question] Has anyone tried FORMWELT (a uform-iform language) here? If so what has been your experience of it?

I re­cently came across this thing called “uForm iForm”, which the cre­ators de­scribe as a poly­va­lent logic of cog­ni­tion (not sure what it means though). It seemed in­ter­est­ing to me so I dug into it and it seems that they have cre­ated a lan­guage called FORMWELT that is based on this “uForm iForm” thing, but I couldn’t find any pub­li­cly available ex­pos­i­tory re­sources on it apart from the video se­ries by the cre­ators on youtube(https://​​youtu.be/​​t8b3WCk5nQ8) and this site(https://​​formwelt.info/​​).

Also there seems to be a book on it ti­tled “uForm iForm”—https://​​uformiform.info/​​en

The main rea­son why I was in­ter­ested to ex­plore it was be­cause of this an­i­ma­tion(https://​​uformiform.info/​​en/​​an­i­ma­tions) that was posted on this site that looked some­what lisp-ish to me, but I didn’t dig fur­ther be­cause I thought I will check if some­one here has a bet­ter idea of it and can en­lighten us on whether it is re­ally worth look­ing into.

The cre­ators in their site claim that it can be used to com­mu­ni­cate seam­lessly with any­thing and ev­ery­thing in­clud­ing a full-fledged AI. They also mar­ket it as a self-eman­ci­pa­tory lan­guage that is built us­ing math­e­mat­i­cal logic and com­plex­ity the­ory. Although I know a lit­tle about both the fields, it didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me im­me­di­ately. So, I was think­ing if any­one here has already ex­plored this as part of their AI Align­ment/​Safety Re­search Pro­cess.

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