[Question] What sorts of preparations ought I do in case of further escalation in Ukraine?

I guess the Russian invasion of Ukraine can go in many ways. It might just fizzle out, or continue to be a fairly conventional war with extent limited to Ukraine, or it might escalate with a Russian nuclear strike against Ukraine followed by NATO counterattacks against Russia, and it doesn’t seem implausible to me that it could spin totally out of control into a WW3 scenario. Or various other paths.

The more extreme end of the range with these scenarios seem worth preparing for, but I’m not completely sure what preparations would be the most relevant. I thought LessWrong might have some good ideas.

If relevant, I live in Denmark, a NATO country close to the core of the EU, not quite at the border of Russia but also not quite buffered away from Russia (especially if counting Kaliningrad). Though preparation ideas that are more relevant to people in other countries than Denmark are welcome too as they might be useful to someone else.