Weekly LW Meetups: Austin, Berlin, Cambridge UK, Champaign IL, Durham NC (2), Washington DC

This sum­mary was posted to LW main on Nov 2nd, and has been moved to dis­cus­sion. The fol­low­ing week’s sum­mary is here.

For LW read­ers un­der 20: Note that the Thiel Fel­low­ships (20 un­der 20) are now open for their next round of ap­pli­ca­tions, and as they put it, “you have a huge read­er­ship of folk who would make great ap­pli­cants”. More info here.

There are up­com­ing ir­reg­u­larly sched­uled Less Wrong mee­tups in:

The fol­low­ing mee­tups take place in cities with reg­u­larly sched­uled mee­tups, but in­volve a change in time or lo­ca­tion, spe­cial meet­ing con­tent, or sim­ply a helpful re­minder about the meetup:

Lo­ca­tions with reg­u­larly sched­uled mee­tups: Austin, Berkeley, Cam­bridge, MA, Cam­bridge UK, Madi­son WI, Melbourne, Moun­tain View, New York, Ohio, Oxford, Port­land, Salt Lake City, Seat­tle, Toronto, Water­loo, and West Los An­ge­les.

If you’d like to talk with other LW-ers face to face, and there is no meetup in your area, con­sider start­ing your own meetup; it’s easy (more re­sources here). Check one out, stretch your ra­tio­nal­ity skills, build com­mu­nity, and have fun!

If you missed the dead­line and wish to have your meetup fea­tured, you can reach me on gmail at frank dot c dot adamek.

In ad­di­tion to the handy side­bar of up­com­ing mee­tups, a meetup overview will con­tinue to be posted on the front page ev­ery Fri­day. Th­ese will be an at­tempt to col­lect in­for­ma­tion on all the mee­tups hap­pen­ing in the next weeks. The best way to get your meetup fea­tured is still to use the Add New Meetup fea­ture, but you’ll now also have the benefit of hav­ing your meetup men­tioned in a weekly overview. Th­ese overview posts will be moved to the dis­cus­sion sec­tion when the new post goes up.

Please note that for your meetup to ap­pear in the weekly mee­tups fea­ture, you need to post your meetup be­fore the Fri­day be­fore your meetup!

If you check Less Wrong ir­reg­u­larly, con­sider sub­scribing to one or more city-spe­cific mailing list in or­der to be no­tified when an ir­reg­u­lar meetup is hap­pen­ing: At­lanta, Ber­lin, Chicago, Helsinki, Lon­don, Marin CA, Ot­tawa, Pitts­burgh, South­ern Cal­ifor­nia (Los An­ge­les/​Orange County area), St. Louis, Van­cou­ver, Wash­ing­ton, DC.

If your meetup has a mailing list that you’d like men­tioned here, or has be­come reg­u­lar and isn’t listed as such, let me know!

Want to help out the com­mon good? If one of the mee­tups listed as reg­u­lar has be­come in­ac­tive, let me know so we can pre­sent more ac­cu­rate in­for­ma­tion to new­com­ers.