[Question] What is a good moment to start writing?

I no­tice that I never have a com­plete an­swer to any­thing.

I may have digged into some­thing way more than my peers, but there are always all kinds of hunches I haven’t put into words yet, all kinds of data that I haven’t in­ter­nal­ized yet, all kinds of un­re­solved con­fu­sions.

I know much more than a year ago. If I ex­plain my ideas now, I’m go­ing to be em­bar­rassed by it next year.

My op­po­site worry is that I will learn too much. For­get how I learned all this stuff, at which point the in­fer­en­tial dis­tance is too large to over­come.

This worry is not about im­pres­sions. It’s about not wast­ing peo­ple’s time with half-baked ideas. Naively one might just max out the tree of de­tails be­fore re­port­ing them, but the tree is never maxed out. There is always am­bi­guity some­where. How much is ac­cept­able to pass on?