Sabine “Bee” Hossenfelder (and Robin Hanson) on How to fix Academia with Prediction Markets

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“Don’t ask what sci­ence can do for you.” is the clever ti­tle.

As I un­der­stand it, the pre­dic­tion mar­kets in sci­ence would not be eas­ily in­fluenced by the sci­en­tists and they would take into ac­count a group of peo­ple cur­rently com­pletely ne­glected in sci­en­tific eval­u­a­tions: those who left academia dis­satis­fied. Not a new ap­proach in the in­dus­try, but cer­tainly not some­thing that has been tried in a re­search-ori­ented en­vi­ron­ment, as far as I know.

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