[Question] Should I buy a gun for home defense in response to COVID-19?

Be­fore the pan­demic, Scott Alexan­der’s short post re­view­ing a few cor­re­la­tional stud­ies on gun own­er­ship and vi­o­lence left me feel­ing un­cer­tain about the moral sta­tus of own­ing a home defense weapon. Times have changed though, and I sus­pect that there will be a larger risk of home in­va­sion dur­ing the course of COVID-19′s spread. Many peo­ple are buy­ing guns and am­mu­ni­tion in what is likely prepa­ra­tion for this in­creased risk.

As­sum­ing that I con­tinue to own the gun af­ter the in­flated risk of home in­va­sion due to COVID-19 de­creases to a neg­ligible level, should I buy a gun for home defense now?