Link: Evidence-Based Medicine Has Been Hijacked

John Ioan­ni­dis has writ­ten a very in­sight­ful and en­ter­tain­ing ar­ti­cle about the cur­rent state of the move­ment which calls it­self “Ev­i­dence-Based Medicine”. The pa­per is available ahead of print at http://​​​​ar­ti­cle/​​S0895-4356(16)00147-5/​​pdf.

As far as I can tell there is cur­rently no pay­wall, that may change later, send me an e-mail if you are un­able to ac­cess it.

Re­trac­tion­watch in­ter­views John about the pa­per here: http://​​re­trac­tion­​​2016/​​03/​​16/​​ev­i­dence-based-medicine-has-been-hi­jacked-a-con­fes­sion-from-john-ioan­ni­dis/​​

(Full dis­clo­sure: John Ioan­ni­dis is a co-di­rec­tor of the Meta-Re­search In­no­va­tion Cen­ter at Stan­ford (METRICS), where I am an em­ployee. I am post­ing this not in an effort to pro­mote METRICS, but be­cause I be­lieve the links will be of in­ter­est to the com­mu­nity)