[Question] How good is security for LessWrong and the Alignment Forum?

As far as I can tell, LessWrong/​Alignment Forum haven’t been noticeably attacked or disrupted. However, I’m concerned that could change because:

  • Attack command, control and automation will definitely improve, making more sophisticated attacks easier to deploy at scale.

  • If AI becomes as important as we think, and the Rationality community succeeds at influencing its trajectory, LW/​AF may become targets for surveillance/​influence operations.

So my questions are:

  • How much focus does Lightcone Infrastructure and put on security?

  • Does Lightcone contract with any external security experts or penetration testers?

  • Are the any plans to implement two factor authentication for LW/​AF?

  • Are there any planned responses if automated trolling/​astroturfing attacks become much more common/​advanced, as seems plausible with the rise of strong language models?

  • Are there plans for secondary hosting providers, in case Amazon/​the US become hostile?

  • Is there some way we can download and backup all public conversations hosted on LW/​AF?

  • Relatedly, how are backups handled for LW/​AF?

Thank you very much to Lightcone Infrastructure and the LessWrong team for your work. I’d be glad for any insight they (or anyone else) can share.