Aug. 25th ACX Edmonton meetup—Philosophy

Hi all! This month Joseph is away, so I’m filling in—I being Kyle!

This month, I wanted to cover one of my favourite topics—philosophy.

For the readings, any book/​reading/​essay on philosophy will do! Metaphysics, epistomology, ethics, aesthetics, logic, philosophy of mind, religious philosophy, etc. any will do!

If you have never read anything about philosophy, I recommend starting with Plato’s dialogues—they are fairly easy reading, extremely entertaining, and each is short enough to read in an hour or less. They are also freely available online in many places, including:


There are many to choose—my favourite is euthyphro. Apology is very good, as is Meno. Any of the early dialogues should be short and a good introduction so Socrates.

I have reserved an 8 person table at the Dogpatch in Riverdale. If more than 8 RSVP I will expand our reservation!

Send me an email at with your RSVP so I can adjust our reservation at the dogpatch to suit : )

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