ACX & Arboretum

It’s about to get cold, and soon the wind and the snow will likely push us inside. Still, right now where I am there’s still some leaves on the trees and it’s a lovely fall foliage. Come take a walk through the arboretum and enjoy the change of seasons, as well as conversation.

If you’re looking for conversations, I’m curious about other people’s thoughts on Scott’s recent Kidney Donation articles! Want to try to talk me into donating? Talk me out of donating? Brag about your own kidney donation? That, or just about any other ACX article discussion is invited! (Don’t try to talk each other into or out of volunteering unless they opt-in. I’ll have name tags where we can mention if we’re opting in or out.)

I’ll be at the Arboretum shortly before noon and plan to stay until at least 2pm but will probably hang out a bit longer if there’s good conversations.